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Ministers and Management Team

Ministers and Management Team
# Name Description View
Zawadi L. Maginga photo Ms. Zawadi L. Maginga Assistant Director – Contracts View
Mwantumu I. Sultan photo Ms. Mwantumu I. Sultan Assistant Director - Legal Analysis View
William M. Mhoja photo Mr. William M. Mhoja Ag. Commissioner for Policy Analysis View
Justine G. Mlewa photo Mr. Justine G. Mlewa Assistant Commissioner - Fiscal Policy View
Mbayan Y. Saruni photo Mr. Mbayan Y. Saruni Assistant Commissioner - Macroeconomic Policy View
Cyril I. Chimilila photo Dr. Cyril I. Chimilila Assistant Commissioner - Research & Financial Modeling View
Charles A. Mwamwaja photo Dr. Charles A. Mwamwaja Commissioner for Financial Sector Development View
Dionesia P. Mjema photo Ms. Dionesia P. Mjema Assistant Commissioner - Microfinance View
Janeth L. Hiza photo Ms. Janeth L. Hiza Assistant Commissioner -Financial Policies View
Japhet S. Justine photo Mr. Japhet S. Justine Commissioner for Debt Management View
Omary W.  Khama photo Mr. Omary W. Khama Assistant Commissioner - Data Management View
Tiba E. Kisonga photo Ms. Tiba E. Kisonga Assistant Commissioner – Resource Mobilization View
Nuru A. Ndile photo Mr. Nuru A. Ndile Assistant Commissioner - Risk Management View
Leonard J. Mkude photo Mr. Leonard J. Mkude Accountant General (ACGEN) View
Aziz H. Kifile photo Mr. Aziz H. Kifile Assistant Accountant General - Financial Standards and Operation View